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The future of promotional products / gifts is in direct communication and content management. NFC CMS is an online application that allows you to manage additional promotional content products and gifts, and repeated communication with customers and the market. As an innovative concept for marketing communication we use products with implemented NFC technology.


Products become tools in repeated communication with customers and the market


Various options for content changes, eg basic information, discounts, surprise messages, etc.


Product Use Feedback - What happens to promotional materials in a particular area


Additional marketing opportunities at relatively low cost

Easy to use

Only three steps to get information ...


Unlock your cell phone ...

To start using this technology, just turn the NFC option on once mobile phone and have an unlocked screen.


... pin it on the NFC chip ..

Lean cellphone on the NFC chip located on the product itself (shirt, diary, tie, etc.)


... and read the message

A presentation page about a specific product is automatically opened on your mobile phone with pre-arranged content.