Stitch on work clothes, cotton T-shirts and fleece shirts

Stitching or machine embroidery on all kinds of textile materials, and applying our woven products to same. Embroidery is one of the finest forms of finishing. The embroidery enriches and gives a special charm to all textiles therefore, it is without a doubt a blend of superior aesthetics and quality.

Embroidery on work suits, jackets and vests can be made in many sizes and techniques. He can go to the back large character, max. size up to 26cm, and as far as front or pocket, most common size (smaller) is in the range of 5cm to 10cm.

Although the embroidery is considered to be suitable for making due to its method of manufacture and texture that the thread leaves only on more robust and firmer fabrics, can it be made on more delicate cotton fabrics. Of cotton for example, the T-shirts are really a great base for a stretch ie polyester thread which is used in the stitch. The same is the case with jackets or vests made of fleece. Fleece items are usually considered to be a complement to a set of work clothes, and just like work suits, the shoe very well tolerated.

Potential discomfort with the use of sticks on cotton shirts is eliminated by the use of special ones the type of foils and supporting materials used during fabrication

Embroidery on hats

Embroidery can also be made on various types of hats, and the most common model that clients choose is hats. The sign can be made on the front of the cap up to 14 cm in size, on the side of the cap up to 9 cm in size, on the nape of the head up to 13 cm in size in a semicircle, and on a banner up to a maximum size of 3 cm.

Hats are not the only hat cap that is susceptible to making a hat, but the same can be made on the so-called. winter caps whose texture is much more delicate and which are most often made in a particular imitation wool. Of course, With this model, the position range is much smaller, so clients usually opt for a smaller, responsive design the model of the cap and the position selected (most often it is the front, ie the part that covers the forehead).

A embroidery on bags, backpacks and cotton bags

Sport backpacks, just like cotton bags, are also very grateful for making the heels. Although their composition and the appearance is very different, and the purpose is very similar, both of which are a great base for designing the thread. Sporting backpacks, just like work suits, are made of much more durable material, making them larger signs such as sports club coats of arms.

Cotton bags, though more delicate, are also designed to withstand a particular load, and for that reason raising awareness of the harm of some other types of bags is one of the most popular items currently.

Machine embroidery on towels and bathrobes

Personalized towels or bathrobes are one of the most common examples of business or birthday gifts, but also the form by which, for example, hotels are recognizable. Whether it is a birthday gift with the darlings of a dear person or a series of towels for a hotel chain with their logo, click on these items it is made using a special (water soluble) foil that protects the specific material of which these articles are made.

3D embroidery

3D embroidery is a special fabrication technique, which, as the name implies, is more dimensional. While with a classic embroidery, the thread almost becomes a part of the article, and it insists on its textural Invisibility, the idea of ​​the opposite is true with the 3D embroidery.

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