Use your mobile phone to read the NFC chip located on the product itself (T-shirt, diary, tie, etc.) and a presentation webpage of the specific product with pre-arranged content will open on the mobile screen.


02. Weaving

The weaving process is done using fast, automatic weaving machines. Our weaving machines have many years of experience in weaving emblems, labels, flags, pendants, ribbons ... But our entire range includes hats, wool hats and T-shirts of our own High Quality brand.


03. Embroidery

Embroidery or machine embroidery on all kinds of textile materials, and applying our woven products to the same. Embroidery is one of the finest forms of finishing. The embroidery enriches and gives a special charm to all textile products, therefore it is without a doubt a blend of top aesthetics and quality.


04. Press

Create a fully personalized product for your target audience in a creative way represents your business identity. If you need a personalized and exclusive product, then wise invest today. By combining our services you can get an even more unique product!