When creating a machine embroidery, it is a common practice that after the client has selected the thread color and the position where he wants his stitched design, the item where he wants that design, is first put on a special one frame, and then to the tickling machine that designs it.

However, there is also an option for those who do not want to directly click on for example trousers but want the shape of the emblem. The emblem sticks to a larger piece of material (the so-called twill) that each "sticker" possesses and, after completion, of making design cuts. It is possible to create exactly the same design in the form of an emblem, as is the case direct click on the item, except that each emblem will have a defined edge (border) of the design, while at a direct embroidery does not have to be present. After the emblem is cut, it must be sewn to the article. This process can be done by the client himself or we can.

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