About us

B&B Partners d.o.o. is a company formally established in 2019, but whose background goes far back to its founding year. Our team is made up of individuals who have been profiling in various branches of the textile industry for many years, since sourcing and contacts with wholesalers, through the development of vector programs to direct stitching and sewing on finished articles. Quality has always been the guiding principle of every member of our team, and even though we are pretty a small business of just a few employees, we strive to match our results to those much larger than us.


The design, signature, or logo of your business, association, or organization no longer has to exist solely in digital form. Our goal is to present the same on everyday items, whether it is uniforms for your employees that adorn their employer 's emblematic logo, sports equipment with a prominent coat of arms of your sports club, or business gifts that transform generic pillows, caps or towels with our embroidery into special ones. and unique.


Wear your logos and designs every day!